I want to create my own xyz tile for an own basemap on my webspace. I want to use the own basemap for a qgis2web leaflet map.

This I have done:

  1. processing toolbox: generate XYZ tiles (MBTiles)
  2. I get this file: OUTPUT_FILE.mbtiles
  3. created a new XYZ connection
  4. the mbtiles file uploaded to https://........../qgis2web/OUTPUT_FILE.mbtiles enter image description here

Question: Which URL for the XYZ connection is the right one?

QGIS 3.10.5 / Windows 10


Building on @IvanSanchez's comment, to get this to work in qgis2web, you'll have to get the contents out of the MBTiles file. Unzip the MBTiles into a directory on your website, retaining the XYZ folder structure. You can then add that location into QGIS as an XYZ layer. qgis2web will then export it.

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  • Thank you for your answer. I take the directory export. So I have the folders I need. My tests are positiv. Is this a disadvantage instead to take the export "generate xyz tiles (mbtiles)"? I can not unzipped a mbtiles folder.....I do not understand this in this moment..... – Jürgen Apr 29 at 9:58
  • Rename the mbtiles file, changing its file extentsion to .zip. You can then open it, and upload the contents. – Tom Chadwin Apr 29 at 10:12
  • ohh...so easy. Thank you. – Jürgen Apr 29 at 10:23
  • If the answer helped you resolve your problem, it's customary to accept it, not only upvote it, so it's clear that problem was resolved. – TomazicM Apr 30 at 18:21

I have found myself an answer. Intead of "Generate XYZ tiles (MBTiles)" i have used "Generate XYZ tiles (Directory)"

So I can upload this folders to my web account. And the URL for the xyz tile layer is (example): https://m y u r l.de/qgis2web/irland/{z}/{x}/{y}.png

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