I have a layer with single lines and I have added a unique ID for each line. I have extracted the vertices of these lines to a new point layer and now I want to add a new ID for every point but based on the ID of the line. This is an example of what I want.

enter image description here

Any idea about how to calculate field "ID_vert" with QGIS (preferably)?

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    If you added an ID to your lines and then use the extract vertices tool in QGIS 3.10, a "line wise" ID is added to your points automatically - so you get what you say you need. Which version of QGIS are you working with? – Erik Apr 29 at 12:08
  • Are you aware that if you join each line with its vertices n-times you will have n-lines in end? Will it be okay for you? What does your end geometry should look like, lines or multilines? – Taras Apr 29 at 12:37
  • Check what @Erik has mentioned, 'Extract vertices' tool should be in the Processing Toolbox? – Taras Apr 29 at 12:50
  • I wanted exactly what Erik mentioned. I had extracted the vertices with a different software so I didn't have that index in the attribute table. Just made it again with QGIS and there it was! – Noe Apr 30 at 11:19

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