I have a field of currency values in an attribute table. As an example, I'm attempting to replace £10,000.00 to 10000.00 so QGIS can run graduated styles on the new field. The following replaces the £ sign with a blank character.

replace(  "field_name", '£', '')

I'm struggling to get rid of the comma in the same expression. I have tried:

replace(  "field_name", '£', '') || replace(  "field_name", ',', '')

but this returns 10,000.00£10000.00

The 'replace' expression doesn't seem to cater for more than one character to target as a replacement. Do I need to do this over 2 expressions?

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You need to use a nested replace() function such as


You can nest as many replace() as you want.


You can do both replacements using a single function call:

1) using regex_replace, where you would look for the two characters of interest (inside square brackets):


or 2) the map variant of replace, where the map is a series of key-value, the key being the string being searched for and the value being the replacement string


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