I am using MapServer's RunTime Substitution. They are a great feature.

In my case, I have layer setup pointing at a PostGIS table. This layer is exposed via WMS. I allow an optional query string variable in GetMap Requests (handled via Runtime Substitution) that ultimately is used in the Data SQL Query

    "health"  "[a-zA-Z0-9,_]*$"
    "default_health" "'Good','Fair','Poor','Unknown'"

DATA "geom FROM (select * from foo where health IN (%health%)) as q using unique id using srid=4326"

In the above example, if no health variable is passed in via Runtime Substitution - I have a default that just builds an IN clause that encompasses all possible health values. And this works. My problem is I have other layers setup like this. But these layers have many, many possible values. So I end up having these monstrous IN clauses.

I am hoping someone can suggest a way that if a variable is not passed in via Runtime Substitution - I totally omit the where clause in my DATA line. Is there some way to do a conditional IF in the MAPFILE?

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