I have a folder called SET1 that contains .tif thermal images from a Micasense Altum. In ENVI, I would like to:

  • Batch process all the images in the folder to calibrate the pixel values to degrees celsius using band math. The equation I have been using to do a single image (B1) is (B1/100)-273.15

  • Have the .tif outputs to be called the current image name (IMG_0001_6, IMG_0002_6, IMG_0003_6 etc) with _degC at the end. E.g., IMG_0001_6_degC, IMG_0002_6_degC, IMG_0003_6_degC

I know there is a batch function to run in the IDL windows but I am not good at programming, so was wondering if someone could help me with what I could paste into the IDL console to batch process that whole folder.


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