Using Python, how may I go about changing or removing the default shortcut of the Locator? Seen as Trigger Locator in Built-in Shortcut Manager

I have a list of desired_shortcuts that I leverage as a comparison point against QGIS defaults to remove duplication.

window_shortcuts: Dict[str, QAction] = {}
for action in interface.mainWindow().findChildren(QAction):
    for shortcut in action.shortcuts():
        window_shortcuts[shortcut.toString()] = action

for shortcut in desired_shortcuts:
    if shortcut in window_shortcuts:
        interface.registerMainWindowAction(window_shortcuts[shortcut], "")

This works, however this doesn't include the Locator as I explicitly target QAction. There doesn't seem to be a way to simply see all shortcuts and the object they are bound to, how might I, at least, expand this to also change the locator.

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