I'm looking for the QGIS-equivalent of ArcMap's Identify Route Locations tool icon for ArcMap's Identify Route Locations tool

I do use the LRS plugin, but I don't see this functionality in that plugin. Thank you.

  • By "measure" you mean "how far from the start of the route"? – Erik May 4 at 13:19
  • Yes, the distance or measure from the start of the route. This seems like a basic function, so I'm likely just missing it somewhere. Thanks. – EricO May 4 at 13:51

Unlike Arcmap you don't need a separate tool or even a plugin to access this information in QGIS (at last from version 3.4, maybe in earlier version as well).

By using the "identify features" tool you have access to all kind of geometric information in the "derived section" including closest vertex M value and interpolated M value.

enter image description here

Of course this work only on LineStringM geometry (or LineStringZM) with non null M value (or in other word in calibrated route).

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  • Perfect! I just didn't have the "(Derived)" section expanded. I assumed it was something that I was just missing. Thank you. – EricO May 4 at 15:16

Another way around this should be calculating length of line / route layers using field calculator such as this

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  • Thank you -- I'm still learning! – EricO May 4 at 15:40

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