In my project, I have hundreds of GeoTIFF files that needed to be converted to .bil files with .hdr (header). They are satellite rainfall data. Can anyone help with a quick method?

 import gdal 
 input = r"D:\ESCUELA\ hh.tif"
 out =  "D:\ESCUELA\ prueba.bil"

 gdal.Warp(srcDSOrSrcDSTab = input,
            destNameOrDestDS=out ,
            format= 'EHdr',
            dstSRS= 'EPSG:3795')

just add a loop for all the files in your path

   import gdal
   import os

   path = r'D:\ESCUELA\imgSat8'
   out = 'D:\ESCUELA\prueba'
   bandList = [band for band in os.listdir(path) if band[-4:]=='.TIF']
   iter =range(len(bandList))

   for i in iter:
         gdal.Warp(srcDSOrSrcDSTab = path + '\\'+ bandList[i],
          format = 'EHdr',
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