I would like to reset a GEE App to its initial state. That includes removing the added Layers and geometries and clear the user entered values (textboxes,...). The App has a Map and Panel with some widgets. Basically I'm looking for the same behavior as refreshing the web-browser. I tried to add a ui.Button as follow:

var refreshButton = ui.Button({
  label: 'Reset App!',
  onClick: function() {
  //what to put here??

I tried the Map.clear() and Panel.clear()but that is not the behavior I need. Any ideas ? thanks

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Something like this?

var oldMap = ui.root.widgets().get(0)

var newMap = ui.Map()

newMap.add(ui.Button('Reset', function () {


  • Hi Daniel, how should be the code for only refreshing the app at the initial stage? Thanks! Aug 30, 2020 at 18:27

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