I have an image collection which I want to filter iteratively using a list of tile id's to get the images corresponding to each tile id.

So, I basically want to find an alternative for this code using a for loop or map() function:

var id_tile = ee.List(['17RNJ','17RLH','17RMJ','17RMK']);

var Collection1 = MyImageCollection.filter(ee.Filter.equals('MGRS_TILE',id_tile.get(0)));
var Collection2 = MyImageCollection.filter(ee.Filter.equals('MGRS_TILE',id_tile.get(1)));
var Collection3 = MyImageCollection.filter(ee.Filter.equals('MGRS_TILE',id_tile.get(2)));
var Collection4 = MyImageCollection.filter(ee.Filter.equals('MGRS_TILE',id_tile.get(3)));

I don't know whether is possible to return a collection of collections using the map() function or I have to do this manually as the example above.

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Use ee.Filter.inList():

var id_tile = ['17RNJ','17RLH','17RMJ','17RMK'];
var filter = ee.Filter.inList('MGRS_TILE', id_tile);
var Collection = MyImageCollection.filter(filter);
  • Thank you for your answer, but it is not doing what I am expecting. This is like a feature collection containing several image collections. In this case is an image collection per each id_tile element and contained all in a single (feature?) collection, but I think it is not possible in GEE... Commented May 9, 2020 at 21:08

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