I am trying to reproject a section of a pointcloud from UTM30N (EPSG 32630) to OSGB36 (EPSG 27700). My pointcloud has no crs assigned to it having been saved from Cloud Compare. It originated as a .ply from UAV images.

The header looks like this:

Version:                     1.2
  Source ID:                   20990
  Reserved:                    0
  Project ID/GUID:             '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
  System ID:                   'PDAL'
  Generating Software:         'PDAL 1.6.0 (810417)'
  File Creation Day/Year:      130/2020
  Header Byte Size             227
  Data Offset:                 227
  Header Padding:              0
  Number Var. Length Records:  None
  Point Data Format:           3
  Number of Point Records:     1945
  Compressed:                  False
  Number of Points by Return:  1945 0 0 0 0
  Scale Factor X Y Z:          0.00000000100000 0.00000000100000 0.00000000100000
  Offset X Y Z:                343317.000000000 5559000.000000000 226.300000000
  Min X Y Z:                   343317.074417114 5559002.644813538 226.300170898
  Max X Y Z:                   343319.279464722 5559005.152519227 226.430770874
  Spatial Reference:           None

Initially the scale factors looked unusual

Scale Factor X Y Z:          0.00000000220505 0.00000000250771 0.00000000013060
  Offset X Y Z:                343317.000000000 5559000.000000000 226.3000000000
  Min X Y Z:                   343317.074417114 5559002.644813538 226.3001708984
  Max X Y Z:                   343319.279464722 5559005.152519226 226.4307708740

I reset these to 0.000000001 using the following.

las2las C:\OSGeo4W64\data\wendronD4.las --scale 0.000000001 0.000000001 0.000000001

I have tried a combination of command line input using las2las, the first setting the offset to the min expected output X,Y,Z coordinates. The second didn't change the offset.

las2las --a_srs EPSG:32630 --t_srs EPSG:27700 C:\OSGeo4W64\data\wendronD4scle9.las --offset 171999.00000000,34046.00000000,173.00000000

C:\OSGeo4W64\bin>las2las --a_srs EPSG:32630 --t_srs EPSG:27700 C:\OSGeo4W64\data\wendronD4scle9.las

All give the following error

error: X scale and offset combination is insufficient to represent the data

Any thoughts or solutions?

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