I'm looking to plot a series of points with a set radius in google earth engine from a CSV. The table.draw function I'm currently using plots a pixel based radius, how can I convert this to a Km based radius?

After uploading my csv as an asset, importing into the console and using the following code to plot:

Map.addLayer(table.draw({color: 'FF0000', pointRadius: 5, strokeWidth: 5}), {opacity: 0.8});

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You could perhaps buffer your points with the number of meters you want your radius to be:

var table = ee.FeatureCollection([
  ee.Geometry.Point([10, 0]),
  ee.Geometry.Point([10, 0.1]),
  ee.Geometry.Point([10, 0.2])

var buffered = table.map(function (feature) {
  return feature.buffer(5000, 1)
Map.addLayer(buffered.draw({color: 'FF0000', strokeWidth: 0}), {opacity: 10.8)


  • This works perfectly! Thank you so much @Daniel!
    – Banretef
    May 12, 2020 at 11:27

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