I'm using the draw function of OpenLayers for draw a polygon. I need the wkt from the drawn geometry because I need to send it to PostGIS.

  <textarea name="name" rows="20" cols="80"

draw.on('drawend', function(evt){
    var feature = evt.feature;
    tableSRID = 4326;
    epsg = 'EPSG:' + tableSRID;

    var format = new ol.format.WKT()
    wkt = format.writeGeometry(evt.feature.getGeometry().transform('EPSG:3857',epsg))
    console.log('Geometry\n' + wkt + '\n\n')

    completeWKT = 'SRID=' + tableSRID + ';' + wkt
    console.log('WKT with SRID\n' + completeWKT + '\n\n')
    document.getElementById('coordinates').innerHTML = completeWKT;


I can see correctly the wkt into the console.log, I've test it using this service. The problem cames at the end of the draw because I see on the map the geometry with epsg 4326 instead of 3857.

This is one of polygons that I've drawn:

MULTIPOLYGON(((1400149.5641348532 5271139.432674438,1373243.7301784712 5211824.298725141,1452126.7433687733 5203874.847783483,1465579.6603469641 5288261.327010318,1400149.5641348532 5271139.432674438)))

and this is the projected polygon from wkt:

MULTIPOLYGON(((12.577757535156248 42.731151168561155,12.336058316406248 42.33852359891077,13.04467648046875 42.28571587692704,13.165526089843748 42.84402771111729,12.577757535156248 42.731151168561155)))

I see on the map the first MULTIPOLYGON and not his reprojection from wkt.

How I can solve?

NB: I never yet implemented the code for send the wkt to PostGIS, I need to find a solution using Django Rest Framework GIS. But this is another question.

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You must either clone the geometry before transforming it, or you can specify projections as options to writeGeometry


wkt = format.writeGeometry(evt.feature.getGeometry().clone().transform('EPSG:3857',epsg))


wkt = format.writeGeometry(evt.feature.getGeometry(), {dataProjection: epsg, featureProjection: 'EPSG:3857'});
  • Thank you! What do you think is better? They are equivalent solutions and both working fine. May 13, 2020 at 9:39

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