Here's the situation:

  • Input:
    • A bunch of data (NetCDF) that contains seperate variables/arrays for R/G/B channels.
  • Desired output:
    • Web service (e.g. WMS) that can serve simulated true-color imagery derived from input channels.
  • Limitations:
    • I can't duplicate the data (e.g. pre-process and have a collection of TIFFs to read), it needs to be computed and served on-the-fly as there is a lot of data and any duplication is out of scope.
    • Need to apply some color enhancements so solution needs to support some arbitrary middleware (preferably Python) to adjust the values.

I could do this a number of bespoke ways but an OGC solution such as WMS would be much preferred if possible.

I know GeoServer supports a number of extensions for reading data from various databases, I wonder if there anything that supports executing an arbitrary script to return the data?

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GeoServer provides rendering transformations that can do exactly this. The manual contains an example using Jiffle that calculates NDVI on the fly from multiband Sentinel data.

      <ogc:Function name="ras:Jiffle">
        <ogc:Function name="parameter">
        <ogc:Function name="parameter">
            nir = src[7];
            vir = src[3];
            dest = (nir - vir) / (nir + vir);

You could ultimately write your own processing plugin functions in Java or (more difficult) in Python to implement custom code.

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