I'm trying to develop a QGIS plugin. I already created a second window. In that second window, there are several buttons that I need them to work. I can't say I'm a programmer that's why I don't really know what should I add to my main plugin code?

This is the part of the code I included in my main plugin code to show a second window:

def secondscr(self):
    #code the 2nd screen here
    self.Form = QtGui.QWidget()
    self.ui = Ui_Form()

And then in the run def: I added this line of code


Now, I have a comboBox in my second window. I used this code in my run def:

layers = QgsProject.instance().layerTreeRoot().children()
self.dlg.comboBox.addItems([layer.name() for layer in layers])

The problem is that my main plugin code doesn't know what is comboBox (since it only exists in my second window not in my main window).

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