I want to split a line in segments of a fixed length (e.g. 10m) like indicated in the picture. Using the approach of st_segmentize how-to-buffer-a-line-with-segments-in-postgis-using-unique-segmentsize works partially fine, but counts each inflection point as end/beginning of a line, which lead to unequal segment sizes. Using the GRASS function v.split in QGIS results in the right output v.split, so I want to know if there is a similar function/ approach in PostGIS 2.5.1.

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    Use a sequenced ST_LineSubstring. Packed into a set of PL/PgSQL functions here, readme here. C function addon here (needs rebuild from source). Reading that linked question, @JGHs comment still stands; ST_Segmentize only includes vertices so that none is further apart than the threshold! – geozelot May 18 at 20:11

You can use ST_LineSubstring (as suggested by @geozelot in the comment):

-- We split the line into segment using `ST_LineSubstring`
SELECT ST_LineSubstring(geom, n/length,
    WHEN (n+dist) < length THEN (n+dist)/length
    ELSE 1
  END) AS the_geom
  -- Example line of length ~48m
  SELECT 10.0 AS dist,
         ST_Length(ST_GeomFromText('LINESTRING(0 0,0 20,20 40)')) AS length,
         ST_GeomFromText('LINESTRING(0 0,0 20,20 40)') AS geom
  ) AS subQ
-- We cross join with a series.
CROSS JOIN generate_series(0,(floor(length/dist)*dist)::int,dist::int) AS n

This query will split your linestring in segment of 10m (specified by dist).

For each line we generate a serie that goes from 0 to floor(len/10)*10. In this example the line has a length of about 48m, so the serie goes from 0 to 40 with step of 10m. For the last segment of 8m: n+dist = 40+10 = 50, since 50>48 we set the end fraction to 1.

This query will also work if you have more than one line.

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