I'm using Google Earth Engine's SNIC algorithm for an OBIA classification.

When trying to play around with the segmentation parameters to get nice segments, I noticed that altering the compactness parameter does not change the segments at all. I've tried a good deal of different compactness values (and combinations with different neighborhoodsizes, connectivity values, etc), but none of them had an impact.

For reference, see images below; the upper one is the result of compactness = 0, lower one of compactness = 5 - no change visible. SeedGrid = 90, connectivity = 0, neighborhoodSize = 270

compactness value 0

compactness value 5

Here is the part of my script that I am experiencing the problem with. I'm wondering if the images I am segmenting are just not good for more compact segments or if I am doing something wrong.

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