I'm developing a QGIS plugin using QtDesigner and pyqt4. I have a comboBox of my vector layers and I want to show the table of the selected layer. I used this code for my comboBox:

def run(self):
    """Run method that performs all the real work"""

    allLayers = self.iface.legendInterface().layers()
    allLyrNames = [lyr.name() for lyr in allLayers]

    # show the dialog
    # Run the dialog event loop
    result = self.dlg.exec_()
    # See if OK was pressed
    if result:
        # Do something useful here - delete the line containing pass and
        # substitute with your code.

        grdLayerName = self.dlg.getGridLayer()


And these two functions:

def getGridLayer(self):
def updateCombos(self, items):
    if len(items) > 0:

        for item in items:

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You can take a look at the bottom part sample from https://webgeodatavore.github.io/pyqgis-samples/gui-group/QgsAttributeTableView.html for a solution (disclosure: I'm the author of the content)

You may also look at https://webgeodatavore.github.io/pyqgis-samples/gui-group/QgsMapLayerComboBox.html for a component to select layers

Both samples are standalone: run them in the QGIS Python console after opening any QGIS project. You will need to change iface reference while integrating in a plugin.

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