I would like to get suggestions/autocomplete as I am typing methods and functions in VS Code for arcpy. Currently, IntelliSense would suggest only functions or methods that I have been using within the file, but would not some that I haven't.

I am using Python and Kite extensions. I have also cloned the Python environment in Pro and I am using that as a Python environment in VS Code.

I have tried to play a little bit with editor.quickSuggestions but haven't really done much.

  • Does VS Code recognise the correct arcgis python environment? What happens when you press Ctrl+Space after typing arcpy. ? Sometimes I have to type that with ctrl+space a couple times and give it a few seconds before the Intellisense works the first time, but then it's there for the entire session (have to do it again the next session) – Midavalo May 24 at 16:11
  • Thank you for answer Midavalo, I have tried with ctrl+space but I would again get the same suggestions(only the ones that I have used in my code already). What I am looking for is to get suggestions similarly as in Python console within Pro. :( And yes, I think VS Code recognizes the environment, as I have no problem executing the program with Code. – Kumbra May 24 at 16:14
  • Have you created a venv in vs code for arcpy? Having it run could just be because python is in the windows PATH environment. – Midavalo May 24 at 16:24
  • Well, besides selecting an interpreter in VS Code I haven't done something else. So currently I see in the left bottom of Code - Python 3.6.7. 64-bit('arcgis-py3-clone': conda). And the path is pointing to the environment ArcGIS Pro have created. – Kumbra May 24 at 16:34
  • I think that venv was the wrong term in my comment above, but I have done a quick test and added an answer below with what works for me – Midavalo May 24 at 16:57

What I had to do to get IntelliSense working with my arcpy project in VS Code:

  1. In my project folder I created a new folder called .vscode

    enter image description here

  2. In this folder I created a file called settings.json, and added the following to the json file:

        "python.pythonPath": "C:\\Program Files\\ArcGIS\\Pro\\bin\\Python\\envs\\arcgispro-py3\\python.exe"

    This is the path to my arcpy python install location - if yours is in a different location then specify that path instead.

  3. Now when I open that project folder, I can type arcpy. and then press Ctrl+Space two or three times and it'll pop up a message "Loading"

    enter image description here

    I had to wait several seconds (it wasn't a quick load), then the IntelliSense works.

    enter image description here

I did find I had to do the Ctrl+Space step and wait for the load every time I opened the project, but while it was open the IntelliSense works fine after initial load

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  • Thank you so much! This exact same approach hasn't worked for me but I have added your line of code with my python environment path under File -> Preferences -> Settings. Then go for Text Editor -> Suggestions -> Quick Suggestions 'Edit in settings.json'. However, I think that my approach will set every project to Python environment but there should be no problem to override this change on the 'select interpreter' option. I just wanted to write in case someone needs my approach. Thank you Midavalo – Kumbra May 24 at 17:07
  • @Kumbra Feel free to edit my answer with the extra steps that made yours work, or add your own answer – Midavalo May 24 at 17:12

With the help of Midavalo answer, I figured out how to set up autocomplete for my VS Code. In VS Code just go under File -> Preferences -> Settings and then within Settings go for Text Editor -> Suggestions -> Quick Suggestions and open settings.json(Edit in settings.json). Over there add the same line of code that Midavalo posted

"python.pythonPath": 'Path to your envrionment'

However, I think that my approach will set every python project environment to the one you pointed but there should be no problem to override this change on the 'select interpreter' option.

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