I have a dataset with buildings. I want to calculate which buildings are within 25 meter distance of each other. Therefore, I calculated for each building a 25 meter buffer around the building. Then it is with the spatial join tool easy to calculate how many buffers intersect. This gives a count of how many buffers are interesected.

However, it only provides how many buffers are intersected and not which buffers are intersected. While I want to know which buffers are intersected. In other words, if buffer A intersects buffer B I not only want to know that the count of intersecting buffers is 2, but also that it intersects buffer B. Also see the added picture:

enter image description here

Is there a tool or function in ArcGIS (Pro) that I can use for this?

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Have a look at the Generate Near Table (Analysis), it generates a table, which contains the distance from all features in feature class A to all the features in feature class B. The tool has a parameter to specify a search_radius (of 25 meters in your case).

The tool requires an Advanced licensed.

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