My task is to convert data from ESRI fileGDB to single GML, applying certain XSD schema (a kind of state standard). So, I used OSGeo4W Shell to write the following command:

ogr2ogr -f "GML" -oo INPUT_XSD=C:\Users\Vadim\Downloads\GML\fgistp.xsd C:\Users\Vadim\Downloads\GML\esri\borders.gml C:\Users\Vadim\Downloads\GML\esri\borders.gdb

where fgistp.xsd is needed XSD schema; borders.gdb - input file geodatabase, borders.gml - output GML file. In the output I get GML file which seems the same as that converting without applying mentioned XSD schema when comparing them in notepad++.

So, how can I understand whether XSD schema was applied or not?

I loaded XSD schema, input file geodatabase and output GML file to google DISK:


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