I have created a custom CRS with PROJ6:

echo 115.90428843055600 -1.92307681111111 126.014 | cct +proj=pipeline +step +proj=unitconvert +xy_in=deg +xy_out=rad +step +proj=tmerc +lat_0=-1.90355333888889 +lon_0=115.900912891667 +y_0=538.374 +x_0=5200.27 +ellps=GRS80 +step +proj=affine +xoff=-5225.30897756133 +yoff=830.070127940344 +step +proj=affine +s21=-0.0072010369955164367159 +s12=0.0072010369955164367159 +step +proj=affine +xoff=5225.30897756133 +yoff=-830.070127940344 +step +proj=affine +xoff=-9.85881089465147 +yoff=-0.172038726321603 +zoff=-18.541

with the results: 5560.2727 -1623.1404 107.4730 inf

Which is correct.

But when I pass to QGIS (version 3.12.3 with PROJ 6.3.2) the very same proj string I cannot test the values: enter image description here

If I erase the first +proj=pipeline we obtain incoherent results: enter image description here

So, how is it possible to obtain the same results in PROJ6 and QGIS (and then used this custom CRS) and why is it not possible, in QGIS, to start a proj string with +roj=pipeline ?

Thanks for your help Cyril

  • A proj pipeline is a coordinate operation, not a CRS. They are completely different concepts – ndawson May 30 at 22:09

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