I'm working with ArcGIS Pro 2.4.0. I have a raster dataset consisting of several plots of crops. Within each plot, there is a small ground target that has differing reflective values than the surrounding crop. Since I am trying to extract the mean pixel value of the plots, I don't want the higher reflective values of the targets to skew the mean.

Here is a plot I am working with:

enter image description here

"A" denotes the main plot boundary, whereas "B" denotes the boundary around the reflective target.

How can I set all the pixel values within B to null? I've tried a SetNull equation, but typically the SetNull procedure involves setting all pixel values above/below a set value to null. If the solution lies within building a conditional statement, I'm not quite sure how to do that.

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As 1st option, if you have vector data for big plot and reflective target, subtract reflective target from big plot ( it will give you a polygon with hole. Use erase tool for this operation). Then use extract by mask tool.

As 2nd option, if you have attribute table for the raster, delete reflective pixel values from attribute table.

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