I have road ID labels in a string field that need to be parsed down. I'm using the python advanced label expression. I've removed the preceding '0s' successfully as well as some known text.

I need to remove all other preceding alpha characters prior (left of) to the number but keep any alpha characters after (right of) the number. The amount of characters vary so I can not use [:3] etc.

This code snippet removes ALL alpha, not just at beginning:

enter image description here

This snippet shows verified but does not yield any labels:

enter image description here

What is your syntax suggestion?

I've also tried lstrip()[0].isalpha() can't get that to work either.

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A recursive solution might work. Something like:

def FindLabel(label):
    if label[0].isalpha():
    return label

Which would be called with FindLabel([ID])

  • I got the syntax correct by adding label = ( [ID] ) and it verifies but no labels are returned. def FindLabel ( [ID] ): label = ( [ID] ) if label[0].isalpha(): FindLabel([ID][1:]) Commented May 27, 2020 at 15:58
  • UPDATE: I've got the label syntax to work correctly but ONLY for the letter 'A' new syntax is: def FindLabel ( [ID] ): label = ( [ID] ) if label[0].isalpha(): return [ID].lstrip('A - Z') Commented May 27, 2020 at 16:11

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