I am using a geopackage with a number of tables, some of which I have added in a Value Map to the fields. The value map is to ensure consistent entry of codes to the data to comply with a specified schema by the client.

When editing via the Attribute Table, I would like to be able to flip between displaying either the "Value" or the "Description".

The reason is that if I have a few edits the drop-down list of "Descriptions" is handy. However, if I want to use the update bar at the top of the table to do a bulk edit (eg Update All), I can't recall the corresponding "values" and it creates errors if I get it incorrect.

Is there a way to flip the display of the attribute table so that it alternates between the two options (values or description)?

My usage is the creation of work as executed data. I convert the surveyors' information into GIS and then add attributes to it. Initially, I would do a "bulk" update of all bars (using the "values") to get the information say 90% correct, and then use the "Descriptions" to fine-tune the remaining features.

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There are some options if you are prepared to use PyQGIS.

For example, you can capture the details of the Value Map in a variable and then switch the attribute form to a Range (ie values) using the following code:

vl = iface.activeLayer() # Assuming layer is selected
fld_idx = vl.fields().lookupField('Name') # Replace Name with your field
v_map = vl.editorWidgetSetup(fld_idx).config()
vl.setEditorWidgetSetup(fld_idx, QgsEditorWidgetSetup('Range',{}))

Assuming you are still in the same QGIS session, you can then switch the form back to the saved Value Map using the following code:

vl.setEditorWidgetSetup(fld_idx, QgsEditorWidgetSetup('ValueMap', v_map))

This adapts some code from: Use PyQGIS to load Value Map against attribute


You can make a column invisible by editing its widgets in Layer Properties > Attributes Form

More info: https://docs.qgis.org/testing/en/docs/user_manual/working_with_vector/vector_properties.html#edit-widgets

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