Does Overpass (or Overpass Turbo) provide a mechanism for query like “show me the number of nodes tagged foo=bar by country”?

Output being something like this:

Country    Count
Estonia    5
Latvia     8
Lithuania  6
Poland     42683
Czechia    2653
Germany    1458

Doesn’t have to be nicely formatted, CSV would be fully sufficient.

Is that possible in Overpass? If so, how?


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In principle, yes, it is possible:

// Define fields for csv output
[out:csv(name, total)][timeout:2500];

//All countries

// Count in each area
  // Collect all Nodes with highway=milestone in the current area
  ( node(area.regio)[amenity=pharmacy];

  // assemble the output
  make count name = regio.set(t["name:en"]),
             total = count(nodes) + count(ways) + count(relations);

Adapt to your needs by:

  • Dropping node, way or area if you are not interested in that object type
  • Altering the set of tags for the objects to count
  • Adding more tags of the country as fields
  • Adding per-type counts as fields

In practice, however, these queries get huge and can quickly time out, giving you only partial results. If you are only interested in a certain area, you can try constraining the list of countries to iterate over by e.g. specifying additional attributes.

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