What does this error message mean:

AttributeError: 'QLineEdit' object has no attribute 'toPlainText'

I get this every time I try to run the QPackage Plugin.

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If you refer to the Qt documentation (QLineEdit - Qt) the QLineEdit widget has no toPlainText() function.

This is a method that can be used with the QTextEdit widget (QTextEdit - Qt).


You can fix the QPackage plugin and make it work like a charm (great package!) by opening the package file, QPackage_dialog.py, for me it was here:


Two simple changes will make this file/QPackage compatible with the new QGIS version: (make sure to restart QGIS after changing and saving the file)

  1. Add import shutil to the import statement on top
  2. Change self._repertoire.toPlainText() into self._repertoire.text() around lines 134 to 141 (three times), as follows:
    elif layer.type() == QgsMapLayer.RasterLayer:
        layer.__class__ = QgsRasterLayer
        if(self._repertoire.text() != ""):
            if os.name == 'nt':
                shutil.copy2(layer.publicSource(), self._repertoire.text() + "\\" + os.path.basename(layer.publicSource()))
                shutil.copy2(layer.publicSource(), self._repertoire.text() + "/" + os.path.basename(layer.publicSource()))
  • I have a similar problem on Windows but not on Mac with the toMarkdown() method. Is there an equivalent?
    – wingnut
    Apr 17, 2021 at 16:10
  • This addresses the current error. But "projection" is not defined for raster layers, resulting in an error a few lines down (near 154). Defining the projection just leads to failures further down, wish I had the skillz: QPackage_dialog.py, line 181, in copierCouches DOMTree = Parse(fichierprojet) minidom.py, line 1958, in parse return expatbuilder.parse(file) expatbuilder.py, line 911, in parse result = builder.parseFile(fp) expatbuilder.py, line 207, in parseFile parser.Parse(buffer, 0) xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 2 Nov 1, 2021 at 23:01

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