For reference: I use L.Control.Search to search for my Marker.

It's this Plugin: https://github.com/stefanocudini/leaflet-search/blob/master/examples/multiple-layers.html

And this is the working search function: https://labs.easyblog.it/maps/leaflet-search/examples/multiple-layers.html

My problem: Now, I want the popup of the marker I searched for to open automatically without me clicking. I butchered the code from a polygon layer, but can I make it work for only markers? I don't get any errors but don't get a popup either.

       var searchControl = new L.Control.Search({
            layer: myLayer,
            propertyName: 'name',
            collapsed: false,
            container: 'findbox',
            textPlaceholder: 'Search',
            marker: false,
            initial: false,
            buildTip: function (text, val) {
                var type = val.layer.feature.properties.iconcategory;
                return '<a href="#" class="' + type + '">' + text + '<b>' + type + '</b></a>';

          moveToLocation: function (latlng, title, map, feature) {
                var zoom = 16;
                map.setView(latlng, zoom);

        searchControl.on('search:locationfound', function(e, feature) {


}).on('search:collapsed', function(e) {

    filterLayer.eachLayer(function(layer) { 


This is a glimpse of the code I used for the popups.

onEachFeature: function forEachFeature(feature, layer) {

            var popups = "Name <b>" +
                feature.properties.name + "</b>;

            if (feature.properties && feature.properties.popups) {
                popups += feature.properties.popups;
            } layer.bindPopup(popups);

  • Code above looks OK (except missing ending quote in feature.properties.name + "</b>;, but you should get error for that), so it's impossible to say what's wrong without possibility to test complete code. What do you see if you inspect e.layer._popup in the browser debugger?
    – TomazicM
    Jun 2, 2020 at 19:01
  • There was a link to your full code in your comment that now dissappeared? Do you still need/expect help?
    – TomazicM
    Jun 3, 2020 at 15:19

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One simple thing that's wrong can be found in code above. Popup that is attached to layer can be opened only with .openPopup() or .openPopup(latLng) calls (see https://leafletjs.com/reference-1.6.0.html#popup). Both calls open existing popup content , so e.layer.openPopup("test") call does not work.

To change content of the layer popup on the fly when popup already exists, .setPopupContent() method has to be used, for example:


Finding the other thing that is preventing popup display was quite tricky and possible only because the full code was available. In the full code there is a part that allows for different parts of GeoJSON layers to be filtered through dynamic select by clicking on checkboxes:

function updatecheckboxen() {
  checkboxen = {
    lines: [],
    escalators: [],
    wheelchairs: [],
    elevators: [],
    linien: [],
    aufzuge: [],
    rollstuhle: [],
    rolltreppen: [],
    untere30: [],
    uebere30: []

  for (let input of document.querySelectorAll('input')) {
    if (input.checked) {
      switch (input.className) {
        case 'line': checkboxen.lines.push(input.value); break
        case 'escalator': checkboxen.escalators.push(input.value); break
        case 'wheelchair': checkboxen.wheelchairs.push(input.value); break
        case 'elevator': checkboxen.elevators.push(input.value); break

        case 'linie': checkboxen.linien.push(input.value); break
        case 'aufzug': checkboxen.aufzuge.push(input.value); break
        case 'rollstuhl': checkboxen.rollstuhle.push(input.value); break
        case 'rolltreppe': checkboxen.rolltreppen.push(input.value); break
        case 'unter30': checkboxen.untere30.push(input.value); break
        case 'ueber30': checkboxen.uebere30.push(input.value); break

for (let input of document.querySelectorAll('input')) {
  input.onchange = (e) => {
    filterLayer.addData([ubahn, tram])

This code by itself is OK, the only problem is query selector .querySelectorAll('input'), which besides checkbox inputs selects also search condition input field. As a result, when search condition is entered, it triggers input.onchange processing function. Event is triggered after location is found and popup displayed, and as a consequence overlay is loaded again and as a consequence popup is closed. This happens so quickly that it appears popup was not opened at all.

Solution is to use different query selector that select only checkbox input fields:

document.querySelectorAll('[type = checkbox]')
  • Oh, thank you. I tried layer.setContent(feature.properties.name); layer.openPopup(); but it can't read the setContent(). Cannot read property 'setContent' of undefined. I tried e.layer.bindPopup('test').openPopup() console.log(e.latlng) and at least it's opening a popup. But as soon as I wanna use the setContent() it's not working anymore.
    – Isabella
    Jun 4, 2020 at 20:07
  • Ups, my mistake, it should be layer.setPopupContent(…). Answer edited and corrected.
    – TomazicM
    Jun 5, 2020 at 6:12
  • No, setContent() is right. leafletjs.com/reference-1.6.0.html#popup-setcontent (And even with setPopupContent, I get the same error.)
    – Isabella
    Jun 5, 2020 at 8:00
  • Method .setContent() is for popup object, .setPopupContent() is for layer object. In your case you are setting popup content of a layer. If you want to use .setContent, then it should be layer.getPopup().setContent(…)
    – TomazicM
    Jun 5, 2020 at 8:05
  • Tried ` layer.getPopup().setContent('test') layer.openPopup();` and layer.setPopupContent('test') layer.openPopup();. In both cases I get Cannot read property 'getPopup' of undefined and Cannot read property 'setPopupContent' of undefined. When I use e.layer.getPopup().setContent('test'); e.layer.openPopup(); it's opening the Popup, but feature.properties.name in setContent() (and the other case with setPopupContent()) isn't working.
    – Isabella
    Jun 5, 2020 at 8:22

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