I have Sentinel-1 IW GRD images; for each capture date, one GeoTIFF with the VV and one with the VH values. I assume these are intensity values for the co-polarization and cross-polarization bands. To perform image segmentation (estimating parcel boundaries), I was advised to use the SAR intensity values.

Should I use VV, VH, or a combination of these (maybe squared sum: VV^2 + VH^2)?

I have tried using both and their squared sum, but the resulting image segments do not correlate well with what I see on the S2 rgb-images.

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The two intensities are indeed related to the polarization (V for vertical, H for horizontal; first letter for emission, second letter fo reception)I recommand you to use both and their ratio (not square sum), because it is the standard way to make rgb with Sentinel-1 data, which accounts for the polarization. This will however remain a challenging task because of the speckle, so if you have the opportunity to use Sentinel-2 images in you area this will be more efficient (of course, clouds will be a problem, then)


Normally, to reproduce the RGB image, you'd use different values for the different RGB bands: Red: VV
Green: VH
Blue: VH - VV

There's a video worth watching on the subject by the ESA:

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