I have a CSV with a column of dates. I already imported the CSV, but I would like to know If I could use that column to filter an Image Collection.

Just now, I wrote all dates and used a filter to exclude dates from the desired list of dates

var Class0Images = image_2.filter(ee.Filter.inList("system:time_start", F0Date));

However, non image was returned and I know there are dates in the list that could return images from the sentinel 1 image collection.

This is the link of my script, which I also computed polarimetric indexes: https://code.earthengine.google.com/43144b99eb7c14dbdc9bd3953a59dc46

Thanks for your attention and help


You are filtering the image on a simple time format, namely at 00:00 AM each day. The system:time_start property contain the exact sensing time. Therefore, first set a new date property to each image at 00:00AM:

// set a date property to exactly 00:00 AM
var image_2 = image_2.map(function(image){
  return image.set('simpleTime', ee.Date(image.date().format('YYYY-MM-dd')).millis());

Then filter on that property:

//Applying date filter
var Class0Images = image_2.filter(ee.Filter.inList("simpleTime", F0Date)); 
print('filtered by simpleTime',Class0Images);

link code, where unshared imports were removed.


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