I would like to write a geopandas.Dataframe directly to (Google) cloud storage, from the documentation fiona enables this, however I am not sure how to supply the correct **kwargs for the geopandas.Dataframe.to_file function. any examples?

import geopandas
gdf = geopandas.read_file("my-file.shp")
gdf.to_file("gs://my-bucket/my-file.shp", driver='ESRI Shapefile')

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GeoPandas relies on Fiona/GDAL which has trouble writing to cloud storage. Try this instead: If you have a service account that can access the bucket with Storage Admin (or at least Storage Create and Storage Read) Create a key for the service account and store it locally. Set the environment variable:

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="path/to/key_file.json"

Then the following should work.

from rasterio.io import MemoryFile
from gcsfs import GCSFileSystem
import geopandas

with MemoryFile() as mem_dst:
    gdf = geopandas.read_file("my-file.shp")
    gdf.to_file(mem_dst.name, driver='ESRI Shapefile')
    with fs.open("gs://mybucketname/objectname.shp", 'wb') as file:
        result = file.write(mem_dst.read())

You could use a local disk file instead of a memory file.

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