I have an Atlas Layout and the process of creating the JPG or PDF is very long, and that is why I would be interested in the program informing me what file is being created at that moment and how much time is left to finish.

How to do that with PyQGIS?

I see examples with Atlas Composer, but not with Layout, and I see examples with Layout but not control the creation process.

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The following code in PyQgis shows how:

  • Open a Qgis Project in a GeoPackage format.
  • Print Layouts in your project
  • Open a Layout.
  • Open a layout with atlas.
  • Filter witch features will show.
  • Control the process of atlas layout creation:

    • Number of Layouts will create.
    • Name of file is creating...
  • Creation of JPG or PDF with atlas Layout.

Here is my code:

from qgis.core import QgsApplication,QgsProject,QgsLayoutExporter

qgs = QgsApplication([], True)

# load providers
project = QgsProject.instance()

# If you want to see wich layouts are in your project
manager = project.layoutManager()
layouts_list = manager.printLayouts()
for layout in layouts_list:
    print('Layout Name: ',layout.name())


layout = manager.layoutByName(layoutName)


# If you want to filter your Atlas Selection
myAtlas.setFilterExpression("Your_Field_Name = '%s'" % ('Your_Value'))

# Generate atlas
# It's a QgsLayoutAtlas class 
# https://qgis.org/api/classQgsLayoutAtlas.html#acb3052609fcff21e4f4cf3f9e93780e0

# Starts Layout Generation

# For 0 to Number of features in Atlas Selection
for i in range(0, myAtlas.count()):

    # Creata a exporter Layout for each layout generate with Atlas
    exporter = QgsLayoutExporter(myAtlas.layout())

    print('Saving File: '+str(myAtlas.currentFeatureNumber())+' of '+str(myAtlas.count()))

    # If you want create a PDF's Files
    exporter.exportToPdf('c:/temp/'+myAtlas.currentFilename()+".pdf", QgsLayoutExporter.PdfExportSettings())

    # If you want create a JPG's files
    exporter.exportToImage('c:/temp/'+myAtlas.currentFilename()+".jpg", QgsLayoutExporter.ImageExportSettings())

    # Show wich file is creating
    print('Create File: '+myAtlas.currentFilename())

    # Create Next Layout

# Close Atlas Creation

# Close Qgis

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