These are my components:

  • SQL Server 2016 with R-in-database.
  • smb-share on a subdirectory underneath root directory of an IIS with enough rights to let R-in-database write files.
  • Tables in database containing spatial data
  • leafletjs to show maps

I want to show one or more rows of spatial data from a table from SQL Server as marker on a map and all the other columns as tooltip in the map using Leaflet.

What I did:

  • Query spatial data from database in dbeaver (eclipse-plugin)
  • Mark data as geospartial (in dbeaver)
  • Click on spartial view
  • Click on view in brwoser
  • Copy that dynamically generated data into my IIS-directory

That works like a charm. But there are three to four manual steps what is no problem, when it does not come to mass data. The fileformat used by dbeaver for Leaflet is not too complicated.

So I wonder if anyone figured out how to export a simple table with spatial information from SQL-Server into a GeoJSON/Leaflet file using R-in-database.

Any ideas?

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