I'm using QGIS and trying to display point data from a CSV file. I've added a vector layer with a shapefile of Canada. Both the project CRS and the shapefile CRS are set to NAD83 / Statistics Canada Lambert.

The CSV file CRS is also set to NAD83 / Statistics Canada Lambert.

The points should appear somewhere in the province of Manitoba. However, the points show up outside of the map.

As shown by the attribute table, the lat / long appears normal, but the points show up at the wrong location.

What I am doing wrong here? I've tried to ensure that both CRS projections are the same. I've also tried switching the x and y in the CSV import, but the points still continue to show up at the same location.

Here is the CSV file data:


Point outside

enter image description here

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    You may have set the CRS of your CSV to NAD83 / Statistics Canada Lambert, but you didn't actually change the coordinates so they're still in lat/lng WGS84. You have assigned the incorrect CRS. If you just want them to overlay visually, remove the CSV and re-add it and specify the CRS as WGS84 (or right click CSV layer - "Set CRS"). If you want to reproject, use the Reproject Layer tool (after assigning the correct CRS).
    – user2856
    Jun 10, 2020 at 4:21

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Load the provinces shapefile in to QGIS (Canlamb)

load the csv - but chose WGS84

Then when you select CRS by project it will move your points to Manitoba

Like in the screenshot (changed field names from your file) enter image description here


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