I am not sure if it is a right place to ask this one but let me try.

Monitoring programmes are known for various targets and for various spatial levels. They may include regions, countries or even continents. It is widely accepted that monitoring systems are of increasing importance as economic activities and their impacts on nature become more and more global.

I am looking for a various monitoring programmes. The best will be that related to forestry (but in fact i am seeking for anyone) like this one

I am interested how do you evaluate the selected level I and level II indicators used in the ICP forest ecosystem monitoring programme? Do you consider them exhaustive to get a comprehensive view of the state of the forest ecosystems under the influence of air pollution?

Also if you have some examples in mind it will be great to share it!


In Ireland private forestry is monitored by Coford. A couple of links

The following link points to an example of a water monitoring example, architecture, and API from the EPA in the US:



Planetary Skin looks interesting, but seems like a lot more form than substance so far.

Under the terms of a Space Act Agreement, NASA and Cisco will work together to develop the Planetary Skin to be an online collaborative platform to capture and analyze data from satellite, airborne, sea– and land–based sensors across the globe. This data will then be made available for the general public, governments and businesses to measure, report and verify environmental data in near–real–time to help them detect and adapt to global climate change.

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