In ArcGIS Desktop there is an option called "Hatching features in a layer".

This option shows a symbol in the definition of the layer every x meters, and shows wich distance of the line is this point. The only requirement is that it has to be a PolylineZM. You don't need to find a feature each x meters.

I have seen that in QGIS you can show an element every x meters, but it does not indicate what meter of the line you are on.

This is the option in ArcGIS Desktop:

Option in ArcGis

This is the result:

enter image description here

You can configure how often the symbol is seen depending on the zoom:

enter image description here

I have managed to display the x and y coordinates of each point on the line. But I don't know how to show coordinate m . There is an option called "m" but it gives null value

enter image description here

This is the option:

enter image description here

In this post of Anita Graser is part of solution:


In this example she shows the time that is saved in M-Coordinate.

In my M-Coordinate I have the kilometers of the track, so now I can show the kilometers of the track.

But now the problem is how can I Show only, for example 0 km, 10 km, 20km,....

I have this code:

if(round(m(end_point(  geometry_n($geometry,@geometry_part_num))),1) % 10=0,'Km: ' || round(m(end_point(  geometry_n($geometry,@geometry_part_num))) ,1),'')

And this is what I see:

enter image description here

There are a lot of labels in all kilometers, except km 50. Km 60 don't appear.

the values of M are:

For km 10:

9.971457994611619, 10.010272669243294, 10.049427736851628, 10.078717827986582, 10.134048260383972

For km 50:

49.89965861361227, 49.955282766127425, 50.13697156278586, 50.227182220927844

For km 60:

59.649021204083134, 59.90137352805058, 60.451925034363654, 60.49149744738719, 60.53553518812927

Any idea to resolve this?

Now I'm speaking with Anita Graser in this link:


Here is my LineStringZM geometry:


Here is a part of my code to calculate M coordinate:


Here is the original GPX track:


I discover another function, that creates a point in a distance (10km for example):


enter image description here

If you create for 20km, 30km,… you can have every 10km, but if you want for each km I think it’s a lot of work.

enter image description here

Is possible to create a bucle for do this?

Or how I call the function “pointsalonglines” from Geometry Generator? I do the answer in another post:

How to use a Processing Algorithm in a expression function used in a Geometry Generator

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With the help of Anita Graser and @ThomasG77 I have the solution.

In Symbology we create a symbology Rule-Based.

enter image description here

Select Option Geometry Generator, select generate a Point, and in expresion insert this code of ThomasG77, to generate a Point Every 25km:

generate_series(0, length($geometry),step:=25000),
  x(line_interpolate_point($geometry, @element)),
  y(line_interpolate_point($geometry, @element)),

And if you work with a GPX Track that is in Geodesic coordinates, @ThomasG77 give me this other code:

    length(transform($geometry,'EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:25831')),step:=25000), 
    x(line_interpolate_point(transform($geometry,'EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:25831'), @element)),
    y(line_interpolate_point(transform($geometry, 'EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:25831'), @element)),
     @element), 'EPSG:25831', 'EPSG:4326')

enter image description here

Now to show the KM (every 25km), create a Font Marker, and in the expresion put this:


You also can create a Picture with Km and select create a SVG Marker and the name of the file is km number and in name of file svg Maker put expresion like this:

to_string((@geometry_part_num-1)*25) || '.svg'

enter image description here

Here is the final result Font Marker:

With marker Option

And this with SVG Marker:

With SVG Marker

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