I installed QGIS using KyingChaos’ OSX build and installed OTB following guidance on the GitHub page. When I run the kmeans classifier I get the following error:

Algorithm ‘KMeansClassification’ starting…

Input parameters:

{ ‘in’ : ‘/c1d_arc.tif’, ‘out’ : ‘/c1d_kmns.tif’, ‘nc’ : 5, ‘ts’ : 100, ‘maxit’ : 1000, ‘centroids.in’ : ‘’, ‘centroids.out’ : /centroids.out.file’, ‘sampler’ : ‘periodic’, ‘sampler.periodic.jitter’ : 0, ‘vm’ : None, ‘nodatalabel’ : 0, ‘cleanup’ : True, ‘rand’ : 0, ‘outputpixeltype’ : 5 }

dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libOTBCommandLine-7.0.1.dylib

Referenced from: /OTB-7.0.0-Darwin64/bin/otbApplicationLauncherCommandLine

Reason: image not found

GDAL was giving a similar error after I messed up the library installation, which I backtracked and fixed. So I’m thinking this is some similar sort of library version incompatibility. Also, in the readme it mentions being specific to Python 3.5, and I'm running Python 3.6.

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