I always get error to this when converting shapefile point to ppp spatstat that windowed by a polygon shapefile

# polygon that to be window
neighborhoods <- st_read("neighborhoods/neighborhoods.shp")

# convert CRS to planar projection as recommended by (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59597078/use-sf-polygon-object-as-window-in-spatstat)
neighborhoods_3857 <- st_transform(neighborhoods, crs = 3857)

# point that to be PPP spatstat
trees <- st_read("trees/trees.shp")

# convert to planar projection
trees_3857 <- st_transform(trees, crs = 3857)

The problems, the "trees_3857" doesn't have dataframe columns that represent in EPSG3857 coordinates, so Feature column of "trees_3857" doesn't have x and y columns that respect to EPSG 3857

q <- ppp(x=?, y=?, win=neighborhoods_3857)

what I have done but error

first =using as.ppp instead of ppp to convert a vector shp to ppp spatstat

test1 <- as.ppp(trees_3857, win=neighborhoods_3857)
Error in as.ppp.sf(trees_3857, win = neighborhoods_3857): unused argument (win = neighborhoods_3857)

second = add geometries of "trees_3857" to feature columns with QGIS named "xcoord" & "ycoord"

test2 <- ppp(trees_3857$xcoord, trees_3857$ycoord, win = neighborhoods_3857)
Warning message:
"65217 points were rejected as lying outside the specified window"

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You can get the coordinates of something with st_point geometry using st_coordinates.

Make a simple points data set like you would get with st_read and st_transform:

> pts = st_as_sf(data.frame(x=runif(10),y=runif(10),A=letters[1:10]), coords=c("x","y"), crs=3857)

Then use as.ppp with the coordinates and the window:

> as.ppp(st_coordinates(pts),W=unit.square())
Planar point pattern: 10 points
window: rectangle = [0, 1] x [0, 1] units

I don't know why your $xcoords and $ycoords doesn't work, I can only suggest it or the window is in the wrong coordinate system, but hard to tell unless you show us some of it!

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    Can I upvote you for three thousand times? For first time, I know "st_coordinates" function. You solve my problem after I struggled for 18 hours.
    – Ichsan
    Jun 14, 2020 at 8:44

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