Given a set of points (with meters coordinates), I am trying to create lines between them. But I don't want to create lines of each pair of points, Iwant to create thoses lines if the distance between two points is inferior or equal to a threshold value (let's say 1000m).

And from there, I am quite lost. The distance() function only returns a GeoSerie of the points with themselves, so all my values are at 0.0. I am also facing issues with the buffer() function, not knowing how to properly use the GeoSerie result once computed.

From what I tested so far:

  • intersection() returns a GeoSerie with only one reference,
  • sjoin does not work with GeoSeries
  • converting the buffer GeoSerie to a GeoDataFrame results in AttributeError: No geometry data set yet (expected in column 'geometry'

Any leads about how to achieve that?


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Assuming you have one geoseries with Points (for example you want to compare Point 1 to Point 2, Point 1 to Point 3,... ):

import geopandas as gpd
from itertools import combinations
from shapely.geometry import LineString

df = gpd.read_file(r"C:\data\vk_riks_Sweref_99_TM_shape\vagk\riks\js_riks.shp")

series = df.geometry
max_distance = 15000

points_within = []
for i1,i2 in combinations(range(0,series.shape[0]-1),2):  #Iterate over all pairs/combinations of indices
    if 0<series[i1].distance(series[i2])<=max_distance:

geoms = [LineString(pointpair) for pointpair in points_within]
df2 = gpd.GeoDataFrame(geometry=gpd.GeoSeries(geoms))
df2.crs = 'epsg:3006' #Adjust

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