In order to extract climate data from Copernicus, there's the Sub-region extraction section that allows one to extract data from a region within specific coordinate limits.

I am wondering how should one do to find the latitude and longitude limits for a specific sub-region, given the name of that region.

Taking the Iberian Peninsula as an example, what should one do in order to find its North, South, East and West limits?


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In the absence of a better method, I have used Google Maps.

Then, in order to find out the limits for that specific region, in this case, the Iberian Peninsula, I have selected specific regions in the map by clicking once on top of a specific place and a pop-up with coordinates appear, as one can see in the image bellow.

In the process one will need to go through a variety of decisions, when defining those limits. In my case, I haven't considered islands.

Iberian Peninsula coordinates in the East

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