I have a layer in QGIS that is a Multisurface layer currently stored on a PostGIS server I want to add this layer as a MultiPolygon layer to PostGIS using QGIS.

Can I specify this somehow when I save/export to QGIS? The only workaround I found is exporting the layer to a shape file loading it and exporting it then to PostGIS.

  • within PostGIS:
    CREATE TABLE <multipolygon_layer> AS
      SELECT <id>,
             ST_CurveToLine(<geom>) AS <geom>
      FROM   <multisurface_layer>
  • using ogr2ogr (GDAL > 3.0.5):
    ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL <pg_conn> -nln <multipolygon_layer_name> -nlt CONVERT_TO_LINEAR -nlt PROMOTE_TO_MULTI <source>
    or, if the approximated linear geometries will always be areal, simply
    ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL <pg_conn> -nln <multipolygon_layer_name> -nlt MULTIPOLYGON <source>
  • thanks for the postgis solution. However for ogr it should be from multisurface to multipolygon In fact I've found the solution for the ogr2ogr by myself (simply -nlt MULTIPOLYGON ). Please update your answer. – radouxju Apr 12 at 12:56
  • @radouxju I added the extra -nlt flag, which has the same effect, and a note about using the MULTIPOLYGON option. I consider using the appropriate flags as the 'more correct' answer, as these will handle all SQL-MM curve types, while using the MULTIPOLYGON option fails for when a non-linear type can only be approximated as a LineString. If that could ever be the case, or if you really want to have a mixed type relation, is another question. – geozelot Apr 12 at 14:46
  • thanks for completing the answer. – radouxju Apr 13 at 7:36

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