I have seen a number of posts similar to this but I have another issue. I try to complie gdal-3.1.0 to import osm.pbf to PostgreSQL. My os is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6. I need Oracle and PostgreSQL driver. Oracle is working but PostgreSQL throw error Unable to find driver PostgreSQL. I install PostgreSQL client libpqxx-devel-5.0.1-2.rhel7.1.x86_64 and set enviromen variables:



Then, ./configure --with-threads --with-pg=yes --disable-static results looks good

OCI support:               yes
PostgreSQL support:        yes

make & make install Log is clear without errors. Ogr2ogr is working for oracle but not for PostgreSQL

ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL PG:"dbname='xxx' host='xxx' port='xxx' user='xxx' ACTIVE_SCHEMA='xxx' password='xxx'" "dolnoslaskie-latest.osm.pbf"
>>> ERROR 1: Unable to find driver `PostgreSQL'.

I don't know where the problem is. have I some missing library or enviroment variable?

I try install version gdal-3.0.1 and both drivers working. Maybe gdal-3.1.0 have bug.

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