I've got a DTM and would like to add 1m to a percentage of the points, so I thought of creating a new raster containing either zeros or 1m and add the two raster together. I didn't find any tools that could do it on SAGA or GRASS.

Do you know a way?


You can create a numpy Array using random choice, convert to a ascii raster then add to your dtm using raster calculator:

import numpy as np

proportion_1 = 0.1 #Adjust
outfile = r'C:\folder\arr.asc' #Adjust path

rl = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName('DSM')[0] #Adjust to match your raster layer name
e = rl.extent()

h = rl.height()
w = rl.width()
xres = rl.rasterUnitsPerPixelX()

arr = np.random.choice(2, (w,h), p=[1-proportion_1,proportion_1])

with open(outfile,'w') as file:
    header= ['ncols {}'.format(h),
             'nrows {}'.format(w), 
             'xllcorner {}'.format(e.xMinimum()), 
             'yllcorner {}'.format(e.yMinimum()), 
             'cellsize {}'.format(xres), 
             'nodata_value -9999']
    for row in header:
    for row in arr.tolist():
        file.write(' '.join([str(val) for val in row]))

Then add them together using raster calculator. enter image description here

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    Thanks so much ! I'm going to try it today ! Jun 25 '20 at 7:58

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