After updating to QGIS 3.14 in Ubuntu 20.04, SAGA is not available. The Log Panel (View->Panels->Log Messages) said SAGA didn't load. In the Processing Toolbox, the SAGA category is missing.


In order to solve the problem I had to:

  1. Verify if SAGA is actually installed in the system with:


It said SAGA was not installed.

  1. Install SAGA with:

sudo apt-get install saga

  1. Check it's version with:


Answer was: "SAGA Version: 7.3.0"

  1. Edit the SagaAlgorithmProvider.py file:

sudo nano /usr/share/qgis/python/plugins/processing/algs/saga/SagaAlgorithmProvider.py

  1. Replaced REQUIRED_VERSION = '2.3.' with REQUIRED_VERSION = '7.3.'
  2. Save file (Ctrl-O) and quit nano (Ctrl-X).
  3. Run QGIS 3.14

Now SAGA is available in the Processing Toolbox!!! When running and algorithm it says "SAGA version 7.3.0 is not officially supported - algorithms may encounter issues", yet I have not found any issues.


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Unable to comment due to reputation: When using SAGA tools, do you receive the follow message in the Log at the end of processing? "The following layers were not correctly generated." I have been receiving this warning message using QGIS versions 3.10.7 and 3.14 with Mac and Windows. I posted about it but have not received much input. Do SAGA tools work on QGIS 3.10.7?

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