I created a multi-point shapefile and added number text to show as labels around the centroid of each point. Is is possible to rasterize the points and labels? I was thinking I could create a PDF and then georeference it back into QGIS?

enter image description here

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    why would you want to do that? – Ian Turton Jun 24 at 16:25
  • I need them in a tif format to upload into another software package. I'd be more specific, but I am under a non-disclosure agreement. Sorry! – Zman3 Jun 24 at 17:01
  • sounds like you need a WMS layer then – Ian Turton Jun 24 at 19:10
  • I'm not too familiar with WMS's, but will read into it. – Zman3 Jun 25 at 22:40

You can rasterize the map using Project->Import/Export -> Export Map to Image. You can check "Append georeference information" and no need to georeference. You can select from several raster formats (tiff, jpg, png, etc). Dont't forget to copy the world file (jgw, pgw, etc) to keep georeference.

enter image description here

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