I used google colab(python) to read a tif file with Tiff file. But it shows:

TiffPage 0: <COMPRESSION.LZW: 5> requires the 'imagecodecs' package.

This is my code:

!pip install tifffile 
!pip install imagecodecs 
import numpy 
import tifffile as tiff 
img = tiff.imread('/content/gdrive/My Drive/My Driver/imageToDriveExample.tif') 
matrix = img[:,:,:] 

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You should do below:

pip install imagecodecs

You will be able to use tifffile without error after tart.


You could use GDAL, it's installed by default in colab:

import gdal
array = gdal.Open('/content/gdrive/My Drive/My Driver/imageToDriveExample.tif').ReadAsArray()

Or use this:

!pip install rasterio 

import rasterio as rio

import numpy as np

with rio.open("file path") as img :

    imgnp= img.read()


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