I have a list of features which I am going to use map.function to extract specific value from features but inside function when I am using .getinfo()[0] to return first value give me an error: "Internal error: function argument not initialized."

Let me know if anyone is familiar with this problem.

structure of my features

Here is the sample code:

var map_m = function(i) {
  var feature = ALL.get(i).getInfo()[0]
  var ff=feature
  return ff


Since you did not provide what ALL is, let me make assumptions and proceed.

var ALL =ee.List([[1,2,3], [5,6,7]]);
var map_m = function(i) { 
  var feature = ALL.get(i).getInfo()[0] ;
  var ff=feature;
  return ff 

First things first. Make sure you end every line with ;. Use the last line of code to debug. I had no problem running the lines you provided. Please provide additional information to debug. Make sure when you pass argument to map_m, it should be within the limits, in my case, 0 or 1. Did you call the function and pass the argument?

  • Thanks for responding Aman Jain. you are right. Its working. would you pleas check whats is wrong with following code.
    – zahir nik
    Jun 27 '20 at 12:57

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