I am trying to make a condition in a new column that if there is a value in another column, a number will be filled accordingly

For example

Here's the table

enter image description here

If there is a value in "watt_3" I want to have 3

If there's only in "watt_1" I want to get the value of 1

Iv'e thought of these logical rule because I not really good at coding, it's not correct


WHEN "watt_3"  NOT is_empty_or_null THEN 3


WHEN "watt_2"  NOT is_empty_or_null THEN 2



How can I solve this?


If I understand your requirement correctly, try:

when "watt_1" is not NULL and "watt_3" is NULL and "watt_2" is NULL then 1
when "watt_3" is NULL then 3
when "watt_2" is NULL then 2

It fills your field in this order:

  1. with 1 if watt_1 is not empty but both other fields are.
  2. with 3 if watt_3 is empty
  3. with 2 if watt_2 is empty
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So, I've figured it out, I guess I'm just bad at coding

Case when "watt_3" is not NULL then 3 when "watt_2" is not NULL then 2
when "watt_1" is not NULL then 1 else 1 end


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