I have got a series of UTM coordinates and azimuths like that:

Point one: Z23, 603484.00m E,7781714.00m S, Azimuth 222° Point two: Z23, 600593.00m E,7781310.00m S, Azimuth 137°

Those azimuths (should) cross in someplace. I'd like to get this crossing point coordinates.

Is it possible to do that using GeoPandas? If I don't, how can I get this using another Python tool?

  • Why do you think that they should cross in some place? – Gabriel De Luca Jun 30 at 2:33
  • Because it is a faraway place that two people are seeing simultaneously from towers. The coordinates are the tower places and the azimuths the direction of the place. So they will always cross. – Mauro Assis Jun 30 at 19:39

You can simply use shapely and trigonometry for that but you need a distance (GeoPandas uses shapely)

from shapely.geometry import Point, LineString
import numpy as np

# trigonometry
def cosdir(azim):
    az = np.radians(azim)
    cosa = np.sin(az)
    cosb = np.cos(az)
    return cosa,cosb
point1 = Point(603484.00,781714.00)
az1 = 137
cosa1, cosb1  = cosdir(az1)
point2 = Point( 600593.00,7781310.00)
az2 =  222
cosa2, cosb2  = cosdir(az2)
# distance 
# distance between the 2 points in meters
# create a line in the direction of azimuth
length = 10000
endline1 = Point(point1.x+(length*cosa1), point1.y+ +(length*cosb1))
endline2 = Point(point2.x+(length*cosa2), point2.y+ +(length*cosb2))
line1 = LineString([point1,endline1])
line2 = LineString([point2,endline2])


enter image description here

With these points and azimuths it's impossible for the lines to intersect

With another azimuth (137 + 180), the result is

enter image description here

and the intersection point is

POINT (-2604425.761683417 4221776.053012035)
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  • I'm getting LINESTRING EMPTY in both cases, with or without adding 180 to 137, and there's a typo in your script, I think, "longueur". Is it "length"? – Mauro Assis Jun 30 at 21:10
  • There is a typo in the Southing coordinate of the second point. Also they are interpreted as Northing coordinates instead. The system is strange, I don't know if this difference will make the directions cross at a point. – Gabriel De Luca Jun 30 at 21:36
  • @gene: Sorry, my mistake. I changed the azimuths in the question. I already fixed it. It works! Tks a lot! – Mauro Assis Jul 1 at 3:22

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