I have a huge point dataset with almost 300.000 points and I want to intersect them with a country geometry that has a complex geometry (multiple islands and borders). What I've done so far is to construct a GeoPandas dataframe and then clip it, however the process takes almost 50 minutes whereas if I perform the same task with ArcGIS the entire process takes only 43 seconds. I've been searching for a way to improve the process without success.

gdf = gpd.GeoDataFrame(
    geometry=[Point(xy) for xy in zip(merged_data.longitude, merged_data.latitude)])
poly = country_boundary.geometry.unary_union
points_clip = gdf[gdf.geometry.intersects(poly)]

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Use geopandas.clip for clipping. That is an efficient way how to do so, especially with GeoPandas 0.8.0 and pygeos.

points_clip = gpd.clip(gdf, country_boundary)

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